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jaw broken transportation equipment
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conveyor belt by carrying traction mechanism serves as a continuous transportation equipment, transportation of ore, coal and other bulk materials and packed into items. Because of its large transport capacity, low transport resistance, low power consumption, stable operation, small damage in transit and other materials, it is widely used in various sectors of the national economy Jaw Crusher In Turkey.
belt conveyor is a continuous mechanical transport of materials. Its principle is to drive the drum and the tape drive device driver asked to drive the friction material. With the tape moving, continue to add material to the tape and the material from the charge delivered to the discharge end of the end, then unload the container material or material prepared by special people heap. Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, water, building materials and chemical companies. Under normal circumstances
mining belt conveyor has the following three types: Normal belt conveyor steel cord conveyor belt, rope pulling belt conveyor.
tape passed around drive rollers and reversing rollers constitute a Promise endless belt. Up and down the two tapes are supported in their respective roller. Tensioning device can be used to adjust the tightness of the tape. In operation Jaw Crusher Machine In Zimbabwe, the drive roller drive belt running through the friction between it and the tape. Continuous handling by the charging hopper in the upper section of the tape material, with the running of the tape, which was delivered to the front end portion of unloading. The upper section by means of a set of tape trough roller bearing to increase material break area. The lower level should be shaped by the tape roller bearing. All rollers are mounted on the rack.
conveyor There are many types to meet the needs in different conditions, but the same basic part, but the specific structure differ. Which is the most used universal belt conveyor, the country is currently used DT Ⅱ type fixed belt conveyor series, which consists of many standard conveyor components and specifications of the components are also a series, according to different conditions and working conditions of selection and design. Combined into the entire conveyor. The basic components of the conveyor belt conveyor