Author Topic: Blade & Soul: Some Tips for PopstarPaci’s Awakened Necropolis  (Read 1664 times)


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Terminology and Abbreviations

 .AoE - Area of Effect. An area is which damage is dealt.
 .CC - Crowd Control. A term used to define an ability that can temporarily put someone in a downed state or a state in which they are unable to fight.
 .DPS - Damage Per Second
 .Iframe - Invincibility/Invulnerability Frame. An ability used which makes you invulnerable to attack(s). In addition , if you want buy Blade and Soul gold,welcome to our website.

 Class Roles:

 .Assassin - Melee DPS class. It is known that Assassins bring the highest single target DPS when played correctly.

 .Blade Dancer (Lyn Blade Master) - Melee DPS class. With the correct gear and chi management, can output a fair amount of damage and with their CC and Phantom Grip  can buy time for their party members to fit in DPS.

 .Blade Master - I’d classify Blade Masters as the primary tank of the game, simply for their spammable Block , their ability to hold aggro through DPS, high amount of evasive maneuvers, and invincibility frames. Blade Masters can easily carry out many of the mechanics of this dungeon with their CC and party utility, with the proper knowledge of course.

 .Destroyer - Melee DPS class. When the player has their animation cancelling down, this class can bring the hurt as well as has a great skill set to help disable bosses with their array of CC and their grab ability.

 .Forcemaster - Ranged DPS class. Does great single target and AoE DPS. Although they lack in the CC department, they can bring party utility with their Frost Sheath which freezes nearby party members when attacked and is very useful during Scorpion Queen’s Nightmare attack.

 .Kung-Fu Master - Another great tank class! They also have a spammable Counter and variety of CC to control the boss with. This class also has a great amount of iframes to deal with many of the phases of this dungeon.

 .Summoner - Ranged DPS class. Summoners also offer a great variety of party utility, CC, and debuffs to apply to bosses to increase or speed up DPS. Summoners also come with a cat familiar that can act as a tank with their Curl for main bosses or to hold aggro on mobs. The cat also has the ability to grapple with Press, which can buy their party time to DPS freely. This class is also great to have around for the Nightmare phase of Scorpion Queen for their Enhanced Sheed Shroud.

 .Warlock - A high burst ranged DPS class! Warlocks are usually sought after for their party buff, Soulburn. Their ranged CC with Tether Blade is also makes the first boss of this dungeon very easy.

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