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the traditional
« on: October 13, 2017, 03:58:39 AM »
Break the traditional inertia thinking to subvert the floor to buy five major errors With the improvement of people's living standards, as well as the sensitivity of fashion and popular increase, people in the home decoration when the grade and requirements are getting higher and higher. As an important aspect of home decoration, the floor has become the entire home design of the carrier and the stage, the floor to buy, color science or not it is very important. However, the current number of consumers for how to buy the floor, color, style, how to match and not a clear, correct concept. Recently, in the Ruijia floor color contest through interviews with relevant experts, the reporter learned that the current consumers in the purchase of the floor when there are five major errors: just look at the color, do not look at the whole lot of consumers, when the home decoration, There is "first to wear clothes, after wearing shoes," the phenomenon, according to the color of the wall to choose the floor, which exists to consider the issue is not comprehensive. In fact, the home is a whole, the floor as the whole home decoration stage, should be combined with the wall, furniture, soft decoration and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, from the overall focus to buy the floor. Personalization is good This is a personalized era, many consumers think that personalized color is good, but from the home decoration point of view, too personalized is a misunderstanding. From the home point of view, the floor after a few years to be considered after the renovation, so from the aesthetic point of view, those classic floor style and color is more suitable for every day we live in the home.
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