Author Topic: How about PVC Floor Compared to other Floor?  (Read 358 times)


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How about PVC Floor Compared to other Floor?
« on: February 02, 2018, 01:36:41 AM »
The characteristic of PVC floor
PVC flooring combines stone, wood, ceramics, textile, metal type, the advantages of floor and attached a lot of special properties, such as: conductive, antistatic, antibacterial, resistance to chemical corrosion candle, waterproof, prevent slippery, and other functions. Moreover, the use ofPVC Fireproof Wall Panel proprietary adhesion technology to make the ground integrated effectively avoids the disadvantages of other materials and is the best material for the indoor floor.

Vertical comparison: what is the quality of the floor to compare?
If all types of floors are the best in the industry, then we can fully understand the problem of PVC floor according to the previous ECO Safe PVC Fencerecommendation. However, above the theory is the more complex market condition, how the high-quality PVC floor and the common PVC floor in the market are two completely different problems.The simplest example is import tarkett floor and domestic import floor style of PVC floor, one is to have the factory standard strictly, one is the technology also needs to be improved, PVC floor what exactly have to start with specific products.

Horizontal comparison: the impact of market environment.
Domestic and import, production quality and production standards, this ultimately reflects the price difference. At this time we compare PVC floor with another floor, will get more reference value result.Such as Tarkett, ya Zhuo, garbo import PVC floor price at around $200 or more, but its performance and quality in the hospitals, office buildings, kindergarten,pvc composite board low maintenance sports performance fully proved its value. In this respect, it is very difficult to find other floor materials better than PVC floor. PVC floor price domestic PVC floor from a few hundred pieces of different, there are also some active enterprises, uneven is the basic market conditions. At this time PVC floor as a kind of new material, to the consumer is "not what kind of floor". Because the consumer does not know this kind of floor completely, the accumulation of folk basic common sense is not enough, want to buy good PVC floor and finally get good installation effect, not easy. Compare ceramic tile, wooden floor, everybody is very familiar, spend more effort also can have good effect.