Author Topic: Johnny Sexton v Ronan O'Gara: Who is the Perfect 10?  (Read 211 times)


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Johnny Sexton v Ronan O'Gara: Who is the Perfect 10?
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:13:56 AM »
"He always wants to play a central role in Brooks Orpik Jersey the game, no matter how well or how badly he's playing or how big the pressure is."Bernard Jackman could have just as easily been talking about Ronan O'Gara when The Dragons coach said this about Johnny Sexton.

Perhaps, it is now time to compare, contrast and even come to the conclusion that Sexton has surpassed the man that was once his hated rival and recently his close friend, his confidante and his coach.

There is no doubt that these Ireland legends are cut from the same cloth.Even Brian O'Driscoll couldn't resist the temptation to pair Sexton and O'Gara together when it came to looking back at the drop goal that broke French hearts.
"It is those moments that he, literally, lives for," recalled O'Driscoll. "He wants as much pressure (as possible) and he wants the onus to be put on him."In the regard, he's very Jonny Wilkinson-esque and Rog too, to categorise all three of them together. They want to be able to excel in the most horrific of pressurised situations. That's their game."
While there is nothing to separate Sexton and O'Gara in their drive and will to win, they are two very different players.Sexton was brought up in the Blue of St Mary's College and Leinster where the philosophy had always been Doug Flutie Authentic Jersey to attack first.
The King of the second touch is a creative force with his unrivalled passing and running game.Cork Derek Wolfe Jersey Constitution's O'Gara was a game manager par excellence in how he manoeuvred Munster and Ireland around the field.
His greatest strength on attack was his decision-making and passing game which bore more fruit for Ireland than Munster. The size differential allied to the naturally aggressive nature of Sexton makes this the category in which there is the biggest gulf.
O'Gara has often spoken about his failure to impress in the gym. He was never one to pile on the muscle. At just over 13 stones, he was not a dominant defensive presence and David Wallace spent a large portion of his career as an unofficial minder for Munster and Ireland.
This is not to disparage O'Gara. He put his body on the line, without having the physical attributes to back it up.Sexton thrives in Colton Sceviour Authentic Jersey the trenches. There isn't a more physical defender in the game. His penchant for targeting man-and-ball in the tackle has led to many questioning his upright technique.Where opposition would have looked to run over O'Gara, they generally avoid this tactic against Sexton's choke tackle. nike nfl jerseys from china cheap nfl jerseys nike wholesale nfl jerseys china nike nfl jerseys from china cheap jerseys nfl nba jerseys for sale basketball jerseys


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Re: Johnny Sexton v Ronan O'Gara: Who is the Perfect 10?
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