Author Topic: Performance advantages of energy saving ultrafine mill  (Read 174 times)


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Performance advantages of energy saving ultrafine mill
« on: March 13, 2018, 08:17:13 AM »
For now the mine production equipment on the market, there are energy-saving ultra fine mill and non energy saving, energy-saving equipment and more welcomed by the customers, and energy ultrafine mill to be eliminated gradually, can be seen from this point, the needs of users with more energy efficient equipment, so what can not distinguish with the festival such? Here is an example of the ultra-fine grinding machine to introduce this problem.

Firstly, we introduce the ultrafine mill such disadvantages, the device when in use, it is prone to damage phenomenon, a complete production line, the need for repeated repairs to it, even when put into use again after the repair, will appear this or that problem, resulting in the production of the progress of the delay can not be completed in time, this is one of the.

Second, this is not such a ultrafine mill at work, not only inefficient when the processing of materials, and can not be fully completed for material handling, this is a waste of resources, also is the process of work, this equipment has serious pollution to air, power consumption and noise are these are large, does not meet the current market demand production.

After analyzing the disadvantages of such a ultrafine mill, we introduce a ultrafine mill such situation, this machine is improved after the mill on the basis of market demand, high efficiency and work time, power consumption, low pollution, high automation, more in line with now the market demand for material processing.