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Q: how to solve the conflict between the IP address of the telecommunication cable and the Ftth Olt Huawei SmartAX MA5683T 2 PON Port GPON EPON OLT? After handling the Telecom Optical and broadband, when we set up wireless router to access the Internet, we often encounter such a situation: after entering in browser, the setup interface of Telecom Optical cat appears, rather than the setup interface of wireless router.

IP address conflict in telecommunication light cats and routers

Answer: in the browser, input appears the telecommunication light cat login interface, is because the light cat and the router's IP address conflict result in; the solution is to modify the router's IP address, after modification, it can login to the router setup interface normally.

1, disconnect the router with the cat, and let the computer connect to any of the LAN (1, 2, 3, 4) ports in the router, as shown in the following figure.

The connection between the disconnected router and the cat

2, at this time, enter the browser in the browser:, you can open the Huawei Xghd Gpon 8 Port 10G Board Of Huawei Ma5800 X7 Ma5800 X15 Olt Equipment login interface, and enter the password to login to the setting interface.

Input in the browser: opens the router to set up the page

3, click the "network parameters" -- >LAN port settings >>the right IP address is changed to: >Click Save, then prompt the router.

Modify the router's IP address to:

Warm hint: when the router is restarted, you need to enter the browser in the browser:, to be able to re - login to the router's setting interface.

4. Use a network line to connect the WAN port of the Telecom to the cat and the router, as shown in the following figure. At this time, input in the browser: can successfully open the router's settings interface, can set up the router Internet, wireless WiFi.

Connect telecommunication light cats and Huawei MSAN UA5000 H612IP MB H612IP MD GE FE Ports IP Dslam[/url