Author Topic: Ethernet switch Nanjing Huawei S1700 spot 280 yuan  (Read 296 times)


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Ethernet switch Nanjing Huawei S1700 spot 280 yuan
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:55:53 AM »
Ethernet switch Nanjing Huawei S1700 spot 280 yuan(Zhongguancun Online Jiangsu Market) The Huawei S1700-24 (AC) enterprise switch is a new generation of green energy-saving Ethernet access switches introduced by Huawei.Huawei S5700 Series Gigabit Enterprise Switch S5700 52C Si Huawei 48Port SwitchIt provides simple and convenient installation and maintenance methods and rich business features to help users create a safe and reliable high-performance network, especially suitable for Ethernet access scenarios for small and medium-sized enterprises, Internet cafes, hotels, schools and so on.Very Cheap S5720 52P Li Ac Huawei Quidway 24 Port SwitchAt present, the switch is priced at 280 yuan in the merchant Huawei network and video store, in addition to more information about the Huawei switch sales information can be inquired business, interested users may wish to contact.High Power Pure Sine Wave 48v 60hz 50hz Low Noise Family Factory Use 5000w InverterHuawei S1700-24 (AC) is Huawei's self-developed Gigabit Green Energy-Saving Non-Managed Ethernet Switch. It provides 24 10/100/1000M Ethernet ports for full line-rate Layer 2 switching. Users do not need any configuration when they are in use. Simply connect the power cable to the Internet cable to implement network connection.350w Solar Panel Energy Packs, Ac System Solar Panel Packs, Solar Panel Packs