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dominated by a beautiful dark blue
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Arab rapper Tamer Nafar's politically charged lyrics have sparked the same kind of controversy that may have made his hero Tupac Shakur proud.

Nafar Patriots Antonio Garcia Jersey , from the pioneering political rap group DAM, has touched a nerve with songs like "Who's the Terrorist?" skewering what he and others say is discrimination against Arabs in Israel.

He has become a star among Israel's Arab population and Palestinians, but Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev, a former military censor with a combative style, is not a fan.

She has singled him out for criticism Patriots Derek Rivers Jersey , accused him of incitement and sought to have one of his recent performances canceled, helping make him a target of right-wing protesters.

Speaking to AFP in a recent interview, the 37-year-old, who wears a hoody, baggy pants and simple gold chain Women's Cyrus Jones Jersey , dismissed her remarks, saying, "Regev is nothing but a government mouthpiece spreading racist poison."

Speaking after a concert in the Arab-Israeli city of Sakhnin attended by about 1,000 people, many of them teenagers Women's Martellus Bennett Jersey , he pledged to continue with his strident lyrics matched with infective beats.

Regev accuses Nafar of taking it too far, reportedly saying he "chooses at every opportunity and before every possible audience to come out against the idea of the state of Israel and its existence as the state of the Jewish people."

She charges that some of his lyrics justify "terrorism."

Arab Israelis like Nafar are descendants of Palestinians who remained after Israel was created in 1948, and they currently make up around 18 percent of the country's population.

They tend to sympathize with the Palestinian cause and Nafar refers to himself as Palestinian.

Growing up in the 1990s in Lod, a mixed Israeli city southeast of Tel Aviv, Nafar listened to Tupac Women's Elandon Roberts Jersey , the provocative US hip-hop star murdered in 1996.

Nafar said he saw similarities between the African-American struggle for equality and the Israeli-Arab experience.

"The imagery in Shakur's videos was similar to our reality in Lod - how the police were chasing them in the streets," he said.

"I found out we had something in common. I didn't speak English and I used to search for the lyrics in English, print them and sit in school with a dictionary translating them."

SYDNEY, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- A former Australian treasury secretary told a summit of business and community leaders in Sydney on Wednesday that unless Australia acted quickly, the country would face the equivalent of a recession within the next decade.

"Unless we actually grab this challenge (of economic growth) by the horns and really get concrete about what are the priority issues Women's Adam Butler Jersey , we are actually going to find ourselves sleepwalking into a real mess," former Australian treasury secretary Martin Parkinson said.

Some 100 business and community leaders in Australia have come together at the National Reform Summit in Sydney on Wednesday to discuss what organisers believe the Australian government is too afraid to touch.

Parkinson said that if Australia's economic growth remained nearer to 2.5 percent than 3 percent, as much as 5 percentage points of gross domestic product (GDP) would be lost over the next decade.

"If this is not happening because our population growth is slow, it means willingly accepting the impact of a recession," Parkinson said.

The loss of GDP from a recession is 5 or 6 percentage points Women's Mike Gillislee Jersey , Parkinson said.

The Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens told the summit on Wednesday that the political debate currently raging in Australia on taxes should focus on lifting economic growth, rather than the distribution of the proceeds.

Despite record low interest rates and business and consumer confidence staying on average, economic growth has not been able to get to three percent, Stevens said.

"The kind of growth we want won't be delivered just by central bank adjustments to interest rates or short-term fiscal initiatives that bring forward demand from next year, only to have to give it back then Women's Rex Burkhead Jersey ," Stevens said.

"A key question worth asking is: how do we generate more growth? Not temporary, flash-in-the-pan growth, but sustainable growth."

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, speaking via video-link while on a week-long visit to the Torres Strait, threw his support behind the event Women's Lawrence Guy Jersey , admitting not all wisdom sits with Australia's politicians.

"I'm here to listen because not all wisdom resides in Canberra, and listening to those with practical experience does make for better public policy," Abbott said.

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey urged the summit to deliver ideas the Australian community was willing to embrace.

One of the oldest sports in America that has got everyone hooked is horse racing. There is no doubt in mind that a lot of people find joy and excitement just by watching the race. On the other hand, there are also those that found that they can really double their money just by choosing the best horse. But then, if you are one of those who have little money to spare Women's Stephon Gilmore Jersey , this is not something that you should venture into.

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