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Runcheng ceramics
« on: April 24, 2018, 07:35:04 AM »
Ceramic tile brand new Runcheng ceramics with the purchase of Tiles brand new Runcheng ceramics of different styles of tiles, and a variety of styles of furniture with, so do not bother with, so many people choose well-known brand tiles. This size is more convenient to install, more docile, more beautiful in practical effect. Many of the tile brands are relatively international, which is the most obvious difference from the traditional tiles. The general design elements of the tile brand are taken from the hands of the world's top masters, extremely personalized. The price is also acceptable, before many imported ceramic tile prices are always high, a square meter to reach a thousand dollars, now with the rise of domestic brands, the price is very reasonable, but also to a lot of good tiles into the ordinary People's home. Before the more popular brand style is to walk the warm tone style, is now the basic color of black and white gray three-color, has become a new favorite of the younger generation. According to the market survey, the sales volume of the traditional warm-colored tile brands has gradually declined, and the simple style of the new Runcheng tile has occupied an increasingly important position and has been favored by consumers. Consumers are more concerned with the overall style of ceramic tiles for the family environment. From the perspective of color and style, the pattern is still dominated by simplicity.
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