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304 stainless steel also has magneticAccording to the organizational structure of stainless steel can be divided into austenite, ferrite, martensite and other major categories. Therefore, when adding different proportions of chromium, nickel and other metal elements to the molten steel, the austenitic stainless steel magnets do not absorb. high precision customized aluminum alloy stainless steel sheet pipe 316When chromium and a small amount of nickel (or no nickel) are added to the molten steel, the steel is refined. Stainless steel magnets suck up. This kind of steel is also called ferritic stainless steel. The main alloying elements of martensitic stainless steel are chromium, iron and carbon. Therefore, in these three categories, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels have magnetic properties, except for the austenitic stainless steel magnets.stainless steel strip for razor blade 410 420 430 0.5mm 3.0mm thicknessIn addition, according to the content, there are two kinds of stainless steel that cannot be absorbed by magnets. One is stainless steel with high nickel content, but nickel is rare and expensive; the other is stainless steel with high manganese content, low nickel content, or no nickel. This stainless steel market price is more than 1000 yuan per ton lower than that of nickel-containing stainless steel.Varilla redonda de acero inoxidable estándar de grado AISI 202Therefore, it is not a criterion to judge whether it is good or bad. Usually 304 stainless steel tube belongs to austenitic stainless steel, not magnetic, but after some bending and other changes will also have a weak magnetic, and 304 stainless steel also contains manganese and nickel, although the magnet can not suck, but there will be magnetic.Laminado en frío bobina astm 304 acero inoxidable