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trifunctional monomer
« on: May 31, 2018, 03:56:41 AM »
Other commercially valuable monomers are diallyl fumarate and diallyl maleate. This is a type of highly reactive trifunctional monomer containing two types of polymerizable double bonds. Allyl methacrylate also has a bifunctional character and can be used as a cross-linking agent and a monomer intermediate. Diallyl cyanurate can be used as a crosslinking agent for unsaturated polyester resins. Typical catalytic systems are peroxides, such as tert-butyl perbenzoate, benzoate peroxide, or dicumyl peroxide, which are sufficiently thermally stable and sustainable until cross-linking is complete. The best products are the first to be diethylene glycol bis (allyl carbonate) and diisopropyl peroxydicarbonate because they are not only light in color, but also have a high degree of transparency. The amount of initiator is generally 2 to 3 parts per 100 parts of resin.
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