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the decoration
« on: July 10, 2018, 03:37:35 AM »
Three key points for the decoration of the stadium Those who want to exercise in the light, certainly do not want to stay in the dark environment of black paint, so the lighting of the stadium is very important. Windows are often designed to enhance the lighting in the stadium, so that you can feel the light during the day, saving electricity and money. However, the window should not be too much, and the orientation should be planned. It must not be too glaring, otherwise it will damage people's eyes and not suitable for people's sports. The ventilation and ventilation gymnasium is a place for many people to exercise. When exercising, people's body will definitely sweat a lot. Therefore, the decoration in the hall must be considered for ventilation and ventilation. Otherwise, it will only make the stadium smelly and sultry for a long time. The layout of the plane layout of the gymnasium is also the part that needs attention when decorating. The construction design should be carried out in strict accordance with international standards. Especially when the gymnasium is to be used for competition, the height of the room is required. The height must be no less than 15 meters and the width is still Good, no restrictions
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