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Selection of micro-grinding apatite model
« on: July 11, 2018, 08:41:18 AM »
Apatite is a kind of solid ore material. The main component is calcium carbonate. In recent years, the state advocates protection and saves resources. Ultrafine Grinder is based on the set product and comprehensively utilizes the solid waste generated during the production process. The use of grey stone after deep processing is also more extensive, and apatite can be used as a cement buffer instead of natural gypsum. Apatite can be used as a cement buffer and replaces natural gypsum. Its traditional apatite is applied to a dryer to dry it in a dryer and calcined to a rotary kiln for calcination. Now, it can be directly produced and processed with industrial micro-powder. The micro-powder itself also has drying equipment. After processing, the powder can be directly added to the cement production.
The production process of apatite is dried and then directly ground with a micro-powder mill to form a powder. According to a certain ratio, the fuel in the calcination process is still pulverized by a micro-grinding, which is preheated for raw materials. Decomposition, clinker firing provides heat. The cooked clinker falls into the cooling machine and is cooled, and the large piece is crushed into small pieces by a jaw crusher, and then ground into a powder by an ultra-fine mill, and the clinker is fed into the clinker to become a cement raw material. one. The equipment crusher, mill and rotary kiln, which are needed in the whole production process, can be processed into one of the cement raw materials.
Since the output of cement production is generally large, the large output can be completed by ultra-fine grinding. The finished product has a particle size of 200-3000 mesh, and the size of the finished product can be selected according to actual needs. Ultrafine grinding can be selected according to the specific requirements of fineness in the process of processing. The finer the fly ash is, the more active it is, from this point of view. The three-ring mill is a fly ash powder machine. Combining the advantages and production experience of the mill for many years, we have produced ultra-fine grinding micro-grinding equipment with a fineness range of 325-2500 mesh.